Get Ready to Sip on Some CBD

For Ben Larson, CEO of San Francisco’s Nanogen Labs, the jury is still out.

“It’s all anecdotal at this point,” he says. “There’s not a lot of science saying this combination of cannabinoids or terpenes creates a better result than something else. What we have found is that the vehicle by which it is consumed does matter.”

By “vehicle,” Larson is referring to the method of consumption. Compared to smoking, vaporizing, or ingesting it, the most rapid and efficient delivery system is, in fact, water-soluble CBD. At Larson’s lab, the focus is on nanoemulsion — a process that breaks CBD down into micro-sized clusters.

“With nanoemulsion,” Larson explains, “we are able to reduce the droplet size of the encapsulated oil so that it is better absorbed by the body. It can pass through the membranes of the body instead of going all the way through your digestive tract and getting filtered out by the liver.”