The startup burning $1 million a month in hopes of selling $1 billion of pot a year

“Delivery is a tough business, ask anyone even in mainstream industries. You have to be a large company, which can only be done at scale — which Eaze is trying to do,” said Ben Larson, co-founder of Gateway Incubator, a marijuana startup accelerator. “But this isn’t pizza delivery…[regulations] are going to drive up the cost of delivery. It’s going to be very slim margins, and so what I think it’s going to do is to drive the company to add other revenue models.”


“We feel that there is room for a competitor that builds their company around a strong brand, and a vision that resonates with the millennial market, and finding the brand that people will shop at,” Larson said. “But people drive toward convenience in cannabis. I’ve done Eaze orders here and there, and it still kind of feels like a drug deal.”

by Max Cherney

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